Got the skills, but short on ideas? Then I have a custom woodworking plan for you! You can build your own custom entertainment center and learn some new skills and techniques. Click on Alex's Creation image and see my current collection of D.I.Y. woodworking plans


Built with "FOREVER" in mind!


My name is Ryan Bruzan. As a result of my experience in service to the Citizens of the United States of America and in service to our Great Country, I have made it my life's goal, in everything I do, to always move forward and advance through a high standard of attention to detail. 

If their is an issue during my work, there is a strict point to resolve it before it is brought to my attention from someone else. 

I appreciate the watchful eyes of my trustors to see that they are getting exactly what I promised to deliver. 

This practice of attention to detail is also attention to prevention. This has been a wonderful prevention of stagnation. Though, physically, there is always work to be done, so, too, is their life to be lived and shared. 

I appreciate every single one of the homeowners who have opened their homes to me and allowed me to present them with my skills and my art. Even homeowners from 10 years ago, the ones who I did the little things home improvements for, I know who they are before they have a chance to say, "you may not remember me."  We've shared a small part of our lives with each other. I am grateful. 

It is an Honor to have served you all. It is an Honor to know that I will continue to do so.

Thank you. Semper Fi.


We've seen our fair share of dated wallpaper. We've opened up a wall or two. We've done plenty of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but our niche is in cabinet refacing and cabinet painting. 

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Our specialized niche is custom built-in cabinetry. Custom entertainment centers, custom closets, home offices, libraries, kids rooms, bedroom suites, mudrooms, you name it. If it can be built, we can build it!

Custom Woodworking Plans

From framing walls to installing moldings, kitchen and bathroom cabinets to custom closets, we've got it covered! Need pictures hung? We do that, too!

custom built-in cabinetry

Custom Rustic Walnut home office, stained Urban Maple custom color, finished with low VOC/HAPs-free satin lacquer.