My name is Ryan Bruzan. As a result of my experience in service to the Citizens of the United States of America and in service to our Great Country, I have made it my life's goal, in everything I do, to always move forward and advance through a high standard of attention to detail. 

If their is an issue during my work, there is a strict point to resolve it before it is brought to my attention from someone else. 

I appreciate the watchful eyes of my trustors to see that they are getting exactly what I promised to deliver. 

This practice of attention to detail is also attention to prevention. This has been a wonderful prevention of stagnation. Though, physically, there is always work to be done, so, too, is their life to be lived and shared. 

I appreciate every single one of the homeowners who have opened their homes to me and allowed me to present them with my skills and my art. Even homeowners from 10 years ago, the ones who I did the little things home improvements for, I know who they are before they have a chance to say, "you may not remember me."  We've shared a small part of our lives with each other. I am grateful. 

It is an Honor to have served you all. It is an Honor to know that I will continue to do so.

Thank you. Semper Fi.

Why Choose Ryan to Complete Your Project? My Story and Materials I Use

Call me at (502) 533-8282 to discuss your project.

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"Receiving the Super Service Award from Angie's List is a major accomplishment! I am thrilled to have achieved this award!"


materials i use

My company motto reflects the fact that I am very picky about the materials I use. I use the highest quality materials, mostly sourced locally. I also use as many materials possible from suppliers that employ local residents, whether by city, state or America. I have found that using the highest quality materials makes for a smooth operation that leads to the highest end result possible: "Built with FOREVER in mind."

FINISH MATERIALS: I use a variety of finish materials and again, I don't skimp on my quality of finish products I use. I use mostly water-based paints, lacquers and conversion varnishes. Regarding lacquers and conversion varnishes, I use mostly M.L. Campbell products and continue to educate myself on the most environmentally friendly products and application methods. M.L. Campbell's "research and development lab is dedicated to providing very low VOC breakthrough coating systems that are safer for both the shops and the environment." As much as I can I choose to use their HAPs-free products 

For more about V.O.C., click here. For more about HAPs-free, click here.

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Cherrywood Custom Woodworking


Hi! My name is Ryan. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and have a passion for building things. The sense of accomplishment knowing that I designed and built something from nothing is truly astounding!

After serving my country and ending my active service as a U.S. Marine, I rented a small shop and started a home improvements business in 2001 called little things home improvements, LLC, the parent company of Cherrywood Custom Woodworking, dabbling in everything small and large. 

"Though I always strive for perfection, I will settle for excellence."


Custom built-in cabinetry, Built with FOREVER in mind.

My goal was to break away from doing everything and focus on a specialty, something that wouldn't keep me running back and forth to and from the hardware stores and home centers. So, that is exactly what I did. During my those days, my neighbor had a nice little cabinetry operation going and I was able to watch and be inspired by his activities and the processes. 

In 2010, I looked at all the pictures of projects I had taken over the years (nowhere near the actual number of projects I had completed) and found that a huge majority of my projects were exactly what I loved to do: custom woodworking, custom entertainment centers and custom built-in cabinetry. I immediately started a separate business focusing solely on my custom cabinetry work and created Cherrywood Custom Woodworking. 

It is always a pleasure to get feedback from people as a result of playing on the world's webstage. I've done projects in Kentucky and Ohio, from Indiana to deep down in Lou'siana, down in New Orleans! People from all over the country purchase my plans and build their own masterpieces.

As for competition, there is none. Other professionals know what you know about me (except you know that I am a non-smoker, they don't) and my work based on everything that I and my customers have shared and published. I can only speak for myself in that I strive to deliver EXCELLENCE in everything I do, in every aspect of my business practices, under every hat that I wear, built with FOREVER in mind. The multitude of customer reviews and testimonials should produce an instant trust that is required of any true professional. You will either like what I can do for you or you won't.

If you are reading this and desire to start and build your own business, I strongly suggest finding a niche and specializing in something you can pour your heart and passion into. You can build an entire business on a niche and it is much, much easier than doing everything. And when you get good, even your niche will become everything requiring you to specialize even deeper. Please don't fear outsourcing. You can have portions of your projects completed by other professionals and providers of goods and services leaving you more time to focus on growing your business AS WELL AS working it!

So there ya go. A little about me. How may I be of service to YOU?