Each custom woodworking plan and entertainment center plan is in PDF format. What you see in the sketches and photos is what you will achieve, with, of course, some of your own adaptations, modifications, decorative choices and your own personal touch. 
The photos at the bottom of the page were provided by people like you who have built their projects from my plans. 

PROCESSING NOTES: No matter how easy I have tried to make following these media center plans and constructing them, if you find it overwhelming to attempt the project or operate the basic tools necessary for completion, get help. Contact your local supplier to see if sheet goods can be ripped to fit your car trunk. The possibility of ordering all the parts ready for assembly is also available. Most importantly, when you set off to build your project, help is only an email message away.

Order now, get your project done and have your project posted on this page for all the world to see!  

Parts kits can also be made available.

​So why build your own furniture? Because it is an investment in you! Let's do some you-win math. 

If you are prepared to go out and spend a few grand on a furniture piece or set, use your time and money to invest in your own skills and products built by your hands? It takes time, but it is not difficult to build your own custom furniture with a set of good woodworking plans.

Example Entertainment Center: $25 for plans + $750 for materials + $1200 for good quality tools = $1975. Less than a few grand! Of course you don't have to buy brand new tools; search the sale lists online (i.e. Craigslist, Freecycle.org, etc.) in your area. You are sure to find some good deals on power tools and even materials! (A good set of tools includes a table saw, miter saw, nail gun and compressor and four piece cordless tool set.)

Now that you have the tools, you can build anything you want whenever you want at a fraction of the cost. Install molding, update your window casings and trimwork, build a custom closet, some laundry room shelves or whatever! Not to mention, now you can start making gifts for friends and family or building a small business. The opportunities are set by your imagination.

YouTube has plenty of videos to help with tips, tricks, techniques and knowledge about working with power tools and building your own furniture.

Overall Dimensions:

- 80" Height

- 17" x 17" floor area



55" Unit- W=104 1/8"; H=82 5/8"; D=18"
TV Opening- W=55"; H= 38 3/16"

Easy to follow woodworking plans.

Susiana's Sister- SALE $12.49


47" Unit- W=91 3/8"; H=82 5/8"; D=18"  

TV Opening- W=47"; H=36 3/4"

Custom built-in cabinetry, Built with FOREVER in mind.

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Elegant Entertainment Center DIY Plans

Susiana's Sister Entertainment Center Plan


W=122"; H=95"; D=15 3/4" internal center section; D=11 1/2" internal wing sections 

TV Opening- W=52 3/4"; H=36"

Easy to follow custom woodworking plans.

Elegant 47 PDF- SALE $12.49

Tall Corner Cabinet Plan

Detailed DIY Plans

Elegant 55 PDF- SALE $12.49
Ashton Plans Options
Ashton Plans PDF- SALE $12.49


W=120"; H=95"; D=15 3/4" internal center section; D=11 1/2" internal wing sections 

TV Opening- W=60 3/4"; H=36"

Easy to follow custom entertainment center plans.

Ashton 120 Plan with Accessories Option
Ashton Plans PDF- SALE $12.49

The Ashton 122 Original Entertainment Center Plans 

Corner Cab 80 PDF- SALE $4.98

NEW!!! The Ashton 120 Entertainment Center Plans

do-it-yourself plans

designed by Ryan

If you have some basic carpentry and tool usage skills, take advantage of Ryan's custom woodworking plans and the opportunity to build a custom entertainment center yourself with entertainment center plans, media center plans and woodworking plans designed and published by Ryan. If you don't, now is a great time to start. Its not as difficult as your may think.

Each plan includes tips, techniques, and money-saving ideas to help you get the results you want with your DIY entertainment center. 

Some entertainment center plans have been created for different size TVs. Click the appropriate box to the right of the image to place an order.

Have your own custom woodworking plans you would like to list and sell? I would be happy to include them here. Use the CONTACT form and lets get the conversation started.​​

Best of ALL- Ryan is a real, live guy and will respond to your inquiries, support and guide you through your build and answer any questions along the way.

Orders are usually sent within a few hours. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your plans.

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